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5 Must Know Facts About The Cybersecurity Industry

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Sep 13, 2018 10:19:39 AM

5 Must Know Facts About The Cybersecurity Industry

The term Cybersecurity seems to be popping up at an increased rate in the news today. The most famous case being the alleged hacking of the 2016 elections by individuals located in Russia. However, what is less known but more important, is the hacking of personal information that occurs every day in this country. Criminals are finding new ways to steal the money and identify of Americans and companies are desperately trying to keep up and fight back. In honor of the launch of our brand new Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program, we would like to point out the 5 facts you should know about the Cybersecurity industry.

The Industry Needs Employees

According to Intel Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, job postings in the Cybersecurity field are up 74 percent over the past five years. This stat shows this field has been rapidly growing. It also does not show any sign of slowing down. In a recent report released by Global Information Security Workforce Study, the deficit of Cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow to a staggering 1.8 million workers by 2022! One of our most popular blogs speaks about the importance of securing your career by training for the jobs of the future. This is a prime example of that. This industry is growing at a rapid rate and that growth has resulted in millions of new jobs!

Hacking Is Real And It’s Personal

The most relevant example of hacking in today’s news is what happened in the 2016 Presidential Election. However, hacking takes many forms and it can directly impact your life in a number of ways. Hackers are notorious for breaking into the most guarded systems and stealing information such as credit card accounts, social security numbers, and e-mail accounts which are filled with personal information. The damage they can do to a company, brand, and person can be devastating and require years to fix. A cybersecurity career means working in a field that directly helps everyone around you, including yourself and your family.

Hacking Costs Trillions

Research predicts data breaches will cost businesses over $2 trillion by 2019, while research firm Cybersecurity Ventures ups the ante to $6 trillion by 2021. These numbers are staggering and more than enough to keep executives awake at night. They also paint a very clear picture. Hacking is a very serious issue that is not going away anytime soon. Furthermore, only 21 percent of IT professionals surveyed replied that they are confident that their information security technologies can mitigate this risk. If you are looking for a position that will be valued and supported by management, look no further then cybersecurity and the damage that is being done to companies who lack the proper staff.

Companies Favor Former Military Veterans

Finding a job or starting a career as a millitary veteran can be difficult. However, it is worth noting that companies who are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals often seek military veterans to fill this positions. They favor veterans because of their strong track record of discipline, teamwork, and integrity. In the event that you are a veteran that lacks proper training, this does not have to stop by from pursuing a cybersecurity career. It’s vital to seek out a program that will teach you the fundamentals and then place you with a willing and eager employer. “This is a key part of our brand new Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program. The companies we have spoken with are looking to hire veterans because of their skill set and ability to learn,” says Deepa Sukumaran, Head of Operations at Sollers College. “We are proud to give these veterans the tools to succeed in such a booming field.”

The Government Supports It

In May of 2017, President Donald Trump signed a Presidential Executive Order on strengthening the cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure. The current administration has made strengthening our “cyber borders” a top priority. They are also giving companies the funds and resources to expand their teams to meet and defeat these ongoing cyber threats. The government providing resources to solve this issue is another piece of proof that hacking is a serious issue and that the cybersecurity industry is here to stay.

What’s Next

Cybersecurity is going to be a major part of any companies long-term plans. The threat is real and has very costly long-term implications. Companies need to ramp up and create large, dynamic teams of professionals to fight off these daily attacks. Becoming proficient and certified in Cybersecurity will result in a long and lucrative career in a field that will make a positive impact on your community and the country.

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