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Sollers is a graduate school located in New Jersey, specializing in clinical research, drug safety and pharmacovigilance training.

Our graduate certificate and masters programs cover a wide range of subjects tailored to this fast growing industry, and our graduates go on to highly successful careers in the pharmaceuticals industry and healthcare industries.

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5 Reasons Why Sollers College Location Benefits YOU

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Jun 1, 2018 2:29:55 PM

Welcome to Sollers College. Yes, we are located in a mall. We know what you may be thinking, “A mall? Isn’t that weird?” We prefer to use the adjectives such as ‘convenient’ and ‘innovative’. Being located in the Menlo Park Mall, allows us to fit perfectly into the busy, day-to-day hustle that is your life. People often avoid going back to school or continuing their education because they believe they do not have the time. They believe they simply cannot fit it into their lives. However, you may be surprised why Sollers College is an ideal location to fit any lifestyle.


Macy's#1 Cross The Errands Off The List

Taking classes in a mall means you are literally steps away from the types of stores you often need to visit. Menlo Park Mall has salons, convenience store, shoe stores, a Macy’s, a gym and much more! Taking a class as Sollers allows you to run your errands before, during or after class. No longer will you have to worry about finding time for buying gifts, picking up a birthday card, or getting your haircut. Several popular cell phone brands, including, Apple, have a store here. This allows you to drop off your electronic devices before class and have them ready by the time your are done.

#2 Feed Your Stomach, Then Feed Your BrainRainforest Cafe

Being located in a mall means plenty of food options. You will never worry about stopping for a bite to eat when you take a class here at Sollers. The food court offers options such Mexican, Italian, sushi, burgers and much more. You can also stop by one of the multiple Starbucks locations for a quick coffee before your evening class. If sitting down and enjoying a meal with with someone in the area is more your style, we are right across the way from the Rainforest Cafe and minute’s from the Fox and Hound Sports Tavern.

Train Station#3 No Car, No Problem

Sometimes, you simply do not have access to a car. Perhaps you share it with family, it’s in the shop, or simply not in the budget. The Menlo Park Mall is located minutes from the Metropark Train Station and is also a stop on multiple bus lines. This removes the anxiety of figuring out how you are going to make all your classes. You will never have to worry about missing a class, getting stuck in traffic, and wasting your money.

#4 Exercise Your Body Before You Exercise Your MindJersey Strong

It’s time to kiss the excuse of being too busy for the gym goodbye! Jersey Strong Gym is located in the mall and is less than a 5 minute walk from our campus. They offer a full gym equipped with rows of cardio machines and several weight lifting sections. You can also take classes such as yoga, zumba, bootcamp, and more. Lastly, the facility boasts full showers and locker rooms for you to freshen up before class.

Parking Lot#5 Plenty of Parking

Another feature that not all colleges can claim is our bountiful sea of parking spaces. Providing enough parking is a challenge that many colleges struggle with. Often times you are required to pay for a parking pass and still have to show up 30 minutes early just to find a spot. At Sollers, you can arrive rest assured that you will always have an open spot waiting for you



Being located in a mall is great for our students. It allows there education to be woven into the fabric of their day-to-day lives. It removes the stress of trying to find time to attend class and allows them to focus on improving themselves and their careers. If attending a class at Sollers sounds more appealing now, please contact us at info@sollers.edu.

About Sollers College

Established in 2007, Sollers is an higher education institution, specializing in the Life Sciences and Decision Sciences & Analytics. We provide students with the essential knowledge and applied skills they require to meet the demands of the growing healthcare, government, financial services and technology fields.

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