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Sollers is a graduate school located in New Jersey, specializing in clinical research, drug safety and pharmacovigilance training.

Our graduate certificate and masters programs cover a wide range of subjects tailored to this fast growing industry, and our graduates go on to highly successful careers in the pharmaceuticals industry and healthcare industries.

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Narrative Writing in Healthcare and Drug Safety

Posted by Sollers Team on Jul 3, 2019 10:33:50 AM

Medical writing is a scientific discipline where documents related to medical related works are written by professionals who have a background in life sciences and have skill in writing. Medical writing primarily focuses on providing content for the pharmaceutical industry. It involves writing about different document types like regulatory or research related, disease or drug-related promotional material in print and web form, content for health-related websites, magazines, etc and also for journalism and marketing purposes that relate to the medical sector.

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Topics: Drug Safety, health care

A Brief Look into How Project Management Works, and Why You Should Care

Posted by Sollers Team on Jul 3, 2019 7:17:43 AM

Project Management is one of the most highly regarded professions in the world today. A project is a one off, comprising of a unique set of operations put together to achieve specific goals.

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Topics: career advice, project management

Why Data Science is Integral to the Clinical and Healthcare Fields

Posted by Sollers Team on Jul 2, 2019 10:44:54 AM

In order to reap the benefits of data, it calls for evolving an organization-wide data science strategy. What with many other segments such as banking has adopted Data Science, health care is an exception. With the absence of a data science strategy, healthcare firms find it difficult to handle the increasing volume of data. Also, individual clinicians find it cumbersome to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of the care they provide. An effective data science strategy for health care organizations is, therefore, the need of the hour, says, a catalyst.nejm.org report. Data Science has five key components.

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Topics: SAS Clinical, career advice, certificate program, SAS Analytics

Opportunities in Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Posted by Sollers Team on Jul 2, 2019 10:15:45 AM

The scope for drug safety specialists is manifold. Given the space for new candidates who take-up drug safety specialist as their career the opportunities have been widely sought-out in the industry. There are plenty of drug safety jobs such that over 2,000 professionals every year are recruited for leading pharmacovigilance positions throughout the medical industry, in settings including clinical research organizations, the NHS, biotechnology firms and pharmaceuticals companies.

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Topics: Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance

Why You Should Consider a Career in Clinical Research

Posted by Sollers Team on Jul 1, 2019 7:09:58 AM

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for bringing in new drugs for the treatment of diseases. For this, it largely depends on clinical studies and trials conducted by clinical research teams that include research associates and other professionals.

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Topics: clinical trial courses, Clinical Trail Management, Clinical Research

The Role of SAS in Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Management

Posted by Sollers Team on Jul 1, 2019 7:09:53 AM

Statistical Analysis System, or SAS, has been the industry standard for data management and analytics of large volumes of data. It’s a very flexible platform that provides users various means to manipulate, analyze, process, and report on data. 

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Topics: SAS Clinical, career advice, certificate program, SAS Analytics

Four Reasons Why It is Important to Learn Oracle Argus

Posted by Sollers Team on Mar 21, 2018 2:02:13 PM


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Topics: Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Research

A Day in the Life of a Drug Safety Associate

Posted by Sollers Team on Mar 14, 2018 8:15:57 AM


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Topics: General Medical, Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance

The Top Five Questions Asked in a CRA Interview

Posted by Sollers Team on Mar 9, 2018 8:50:00 AM

Congratulations!  You’ve completed your course work, you’ve passed the exams and now, as a trained clinical research associate (CRA), it’s time to begin the job search.  Once the resumes you have sent out result in an interview, it’s time to think about the questions you may be asked.  Here are the top five questions you can expect to answer during the clinical research associate interviews.

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Topics: Clinical Trail Management, Clinical Research

Are you a Foreign Medical Graduate? Here are Five Alternate Career Choices

Posted by Sollers Team on Mar 5, 2018 3:05:57 PM

If you are a doctor born and educated outside the US, and have tried to practice medicine in the US, you know that it is a long and tedious journey. All states have various requirements that need to be satisfied in order to practice medicine, such as studying for and successfully completing the so-called “STEP” exams, as there are three steps to completion.  Additionally, there is a certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates that must be completed. Finally, proficiency in English and participating in a medical residency, which can take years, and a great deal of money, completes the requirements. Not to mention the emotional, financial and social toll these processes can take on you if you cannot clear any step or fail to find a good residency program.

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Topics: General Medical, clinical trial courses, Pharmacovigilance, Data Science, Clinical Trail Management, SAS Clinical