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Back To School - At Any Age

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Jul 31, 2018 2:50:05 PM

If you plan on entering a Walmart or Target in the next few weeks, you will undoubtedly see the signs and sales celebrating back to school for high school and college students. It’s the time of year that all kids dread and most parents look forward too. A time where students and parents prepare for the upcoming school calendar by buying new clothes and supplies. For college students, it’s a time to purchase new dorm room items, purchase notebooks, and review their class schedule. Going back to school has been heavily commercialized and monetized. However, at the root of it, it’s a time for students to renew their commitment to their education and bettering themselves for the future. While it’s natural for this time of year to be focused on younger generations, it’s important to remember that you’re never too old to go back to school.

In 2017, over 8.2 million college students over the age of 25 attended universities across America. That number is only expected to increase in the coming years. Younger college students may be the poster children for secondary education, but that does not mean that everyone stops learning in their early twenties. More and more students are going back to school to increase their skill sets and ensure a prosperous career for themselves and their families. If you are currently unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a better job, you should be seriously considering going back to school, regardless of your age.

According to the National Adult Learners Satisfaction-Priorities Report, adult students have different needs than their traditional student counterparts. The report surveyed over 30,000 adult learners in an attempt to understand their desire for further education and what exactly they look for in an educational institution. Ninety-three percent of those surveyed claimed that the availability of their desired program was the top driver that influenced their decision. Coming in second at 92% was how convenient it was to take the class. In other words, adult students need to be able to attend class whenever they can fit it into their hectic schedules. Prospective students should choose a college that understands the needs of their students by offering online courses and a course archive with recorded lectures.

In one of our most popular posts this year, we talked about why a certificate program is an excellent option for continuing your education. It’s short in length and gentle on your budget. Certificate programs are a great way to increase your skill set on your time. Most colleges offer the entire course online, and may even allow the student to watch recorded lectures when it is convenient for them. Furthermore, these programs are often less than six months in length. This time frame allows the student to learn at an accelerated pace and quickly turn that new found knowledge into a well-paying job.

The only person who can secure your financial and professional future is you. Regardless of whether you have been a student your whole life or took time off, the door to a new and valuable education is always open. Decide what field you want to grow in and what types of programs best fit your current lifestyle. You deserve the best future possible and it never too late to start up again. Time to go back to school.

About Sollers

Established in 2007, Sollers is an institution of higher education, specializing in the Life Sciences and Decision Sciences & Analytics. We provide students with the essential knowledge and applied skills they require to meet the demands of the growing healthcare and technology fields.