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Become a Clinical Trial Management System Professional at Sollers College

Posted by Shilpa G. on Feb 21, 2018 11:07:35 AM

What is a Clinical Trial Management System?

A clinical trial management system is used to manage trials in clinical research. These software systems are used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in creating new ways to meet clinical trial goals and achieve results.  They take care of many functions of the clinical trial management process, like budgeting, patient management, compliance and compatibility with other systems, such as finance. They are also an integral part of most large hospital management systems where clinical trials are taking place.

These systems require skilled professionals who are able to administer them as well as understand and implement the results clinical trial management systems provide.


How do you become a clinical trial management professional?

At Sollers College, we offer a program offering the tried, tested and approved methodologies and practices of clinical research programs. Our Graduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management is a unique, hybrid program that prepares students for the spectrum of the clinical trial positions found in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

We offer courses that provide understanding of the structure of clinical trials, trial operations, monitoring, and site activities.  Our program participants learn regulations and guidelines like ICH-GCP, HIPAA and regulatory bodies like IRB and FDA and understanding about the clinical data management process, systems, techniques and documentation.  Additionally, program participants receive hands-on training in Oracle® Clinical software.

Students graduating from our program will have the knowledge and tools required to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry as a clinical research coordinator, clinical data analyst, clinical trial manager, and other related clinical research positions.

The growth and global demand for clinical research experience translates into a huge demand for skilled manpower for the creation and administration of clinical trials. If you have a background in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, life sciences, or health sciences, a new career in clinical trial management might be the right career path for you.  Contact us for more information and we can set you on a path to a career in clinical research.


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