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5 Tips To Improve Clinical Trials

Posted by Doctor Dan on Aug 9, 2016 7:41:34 AM

Clinical trial is an important step in drug development process. It determines the safety and efficacy of a drug to be introduced in to the market.

 It can be ensured by following these 5 tips on improving clinical trials.


 1. ECG Monitoring:

This helps to measure cardiac toxicity in the early stages of clinical trials. Regular ECG readings provide early warning signs of harmful effects, if any, of the test drug. Thus, it conduces to the safety of the patient subject.

 Also, it regulates clinical trials so that drug developers/researchers are motivated to come up with innovative techniques for clinical trials. It also reduces risks especially those pertaining to patient safety. This would, in turn, fetch more patients to willingly volunteer for clinical trials.

 2. Clinical Trial Supplies Optimization:

It helps in striking a balance between trial demand, trial budget and stock. Proper supply management ensures prevention of wasted supplies, better costs and timely arrival of the supplies on site in adequate quantities. This accelerates the time of the test drug to market.

 3. Offering Good Payment to Subject Patients:

This practice is a sure way of getting a vast pool of sample subject. The more the participation, the better the chances to find an effective and improved cure for a particular disease.

 4. Crowdsourcing:

Online collaboration of people or crowdsourcing is an easier and cheaper way to improve the quality of a clinical trial. It opens the research to a wider audience, thus, improving participation rate. Patients, community doctors, nurses, amateurs, administrators, etc. can provide suggestions if the trial is made available online.

 5. Smartphone Usage:

This is amongst the latest cost-effective ways to conduct clinical trial. In this era of globalization, smartphones come in handy in monitoring and surveying patients as well as integrating data anywhere and anytime.


Clinical trials are crucial to advancement in drug development as they improve the quality of life for others. Improved clinical trials can make it easier to maintain excellent healthcare standards.

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