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A study on the latest trends on eHealth Solutions!

Posted by Doctor Dan on Mar 15, 2017 1:39:09 PM

The world is witnessing an era of digitization of health care sectors where it has become viral with innumerable methods contributing to patient welfare schemes. As the digitization of healthcare sector proves to be dynamic according to the latest trends, a lot of countries have already started implementing it in the health care sector market. The investment by health care providers ranges from providing vast infrastructures to introducing mobile solutions to the market. While the arrival of new information powered healthcare reality increased the expectations of nurses and doctors, the emergence of eHealth has been widely recognized as the democratization of healthcare that meets the challenges caused by various factors in healthcare such as the epidemic of chronic and non-communicable diseases, dramatic costs involved in healthcare and an aging society.

HealthCare-Pharmacovigilance, Drug-1.jpg

The multidimensional life space comes into existence where people choose a specific route that can be called as health trajectory. It is entirely based on the cybernetic and philosophical perspectives of every human being. Human health trajectory will be optimized in such a way that it will be always singular and never repeat. Over the period, the health trajectory will be extended to suit the longest and best in human health. The coordination of treatment shall be designed by the system in order to concentrate on individual patients.

Comprehensive health care protection in eHealth solutions relies on series of steps to meet the end results. The Selected web services for patients include online registration, availability of drugs through online, intense verification of drug to drug interactions, verification of the drug to food interaction, drug related information, pharmacy finding and health care recognition.

The online registration mainly deals with fixing an appointment with the relevant doctor. Before proceeding with granting an appointment, the schedules will be verified based on the availability of doctors. This also allows the patients to choose their convenient date and time. Once the appointment schedule is chosen by the patient’s side, it will be sent to the relevant online registration portal which will be reviewed and then reverted back with the details of confirmation.

Purchasing the required drugs is the next prominent feature available in the latest trends on eHealth solutions. After getting the prescribed medication list, the patients can make use of various online portals to purchase the drugs. The facility is even more useful for cases with an advanced medical prescription. They can book drugs at the pharmacy online to avail immediate or on time delivery. An immense practical value is reflected in the feature making the service more popular with the patients. 

The verification of drug to drug interactions helps patients to ensure the safety of the medicines they consume. In fact, patients who take several drugs concurrently seem to be at greater risk in the case of drug interactions. Consuming medicines without proper consultation with the doctors may have an adverse effect on patient’s health and hazardous to their lives.

It is of paramount importance to check with the food habits while consuming a list of prescribed medicines. It has been observed that this particular issue has been taken for granted of late which really procures a serious analysis. Therefore, making use of the verification of drug to food interaction service makes the eHealth solutions extremely productive in the consumer point of view.

Collecting information on the drugs plays a significant role here. A comprehensive research is carried out for providing the service that monitors the current prices of drugs and the repayments available for reimbursed drugs, as well as allowing searches for the cheapest drug substitutes. Opting the pharmacy and health care facilities available elsewhere also add to the list of productive services on eHealth solutions.

Topics: Clinical Research