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A Synopsis Of Compass Intelligent Monitoring!

Posted by Phil on Apr 17, 2017 12:03:14 PM

Having been exposed to a lot of risk-based monitoring strategy, sponsors and CROs around the globe, it’s a great delight to improve monitoring strategies after the arrival of compass intelligent monitoring. People with diverse requirements towards clinical trial monitoring in the trade industry have started to associate with each other to understand the concepts and techniques available in the emerging system of monitoring strategies. The root of compass intelligent monitoring rises from the optimization of clinical trials with the support of highly advanced technology and analytics. It is very important to realize that the advancement has taken a great leap on various clinical trials and monitoring outsourcing models.

CIM-Clinical Research_790.jpg

Origination of Compass intelligent monitoring – A gist

After the continuous interest of potential clinical trial industries on constructive intelligent monitoring seminars and its positive results, the revelation of compass intelligent monitoring took them to a storm of even more optimistic approach. Initial indication led away to look for plenty of underutilized data. Going by this, unique approach helped towards achieving better strategies both effectively and efficiently.

In general intelligent monitoring in a clinical trial or similar industries refers to preserving highly sensitive data with the motive to evaluate the existing technology in the realm of clinical monitoring. At one point of time, it has been found that clinical data, gathered for a productive purpose is just seen as a material to being used precisely or not being used. Therefore, an enormous amount of time and energy spent on these data collection has been neither utilized to better manage clinical trials nor bring advantages to future studies which, further paved way to concentrate on compass intelligent monitoring.

Measurement of consolidated clinical data with lots of used and unused statistical results triggered a collective focus on producing timely deliverables. Specifically, the employment of underutilized data in the process caters to the needs of marketing submissions and regulatory reporting requirements. Such immense scale of factors was absent before the emergence of this technology which is now providing a great way to take full advantage of data that has been coming in and apply it intelligently to make good decisions about the probabilities of managing trials under different circumstances.

Importance of Compass Intelligent Monitoring

Only when the ratio of efficient time management and productivity is balanced, the standard of a system is measured with respect to the resources used in the process. In the case of monitoring, an effective observance reveals an inconsistent result in extracting and monitoring information, more importantly even with the aid of Source Document Verification (SDV) and Electronic Data Capture System (EDC). Therefore, a large amount of data has become a serious stake in managing efficiently within the context of manual handling processes. This is the stage where a technology powered system like Compass intelligent monitoring has helped to understand the nuances with its well-designed infrastructure. A continuous monitoring of sites without any glitches is an added advantage of the highly performing technology.

Highlights of Compass Based Monitoring

There are some of the vital aspects to consider analyzing and evaluating clinical trials in order to perform effective compass intelligent monitoring. A comprehensive understanding of what might work and might not work in the perspective of key regulators and determining factors are inevitable. Some of the factors include site management, data quality, patient safety, regulatory compliance, and protocol integrity.

The primary challenge involved in compass intelligent monitoring is getting an accurate output of the performances without relying too much on the trial performance. This can be achieved by strengthening some of the important pillars of monitoring such as maintenance of meaningful performance, sorting out relevant data, pulling out adaptive information based on performance and action-oriented communication and response plans.

Topics: Clinical Research