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Clinical Trial Management System - A Calling

Posted by Shilpa Gauba on Jun 18, 2016 11:03:40 PM

What is Clinical Trial Management System?

A  clinical trial management system is a software used to manage clinical trials in Clinical Research. These software systems are used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  A new word called "eClinical" is emmerging in the filed- for automation of the trial management. These systems take care of many functions of the clinical trial management process for example budgeting, patient management, compliance and compatibility with other systems like Finance etc. They are also an integral part of the big Hopital Management Systems where the trials take place in the hospital settings.  




Oracle® Clinical software is one such trial management systems used widely across the US.  Many hospitals trust and use Oracle® Clinical . 

Below is a quick overview of the System: 


  • Enables a centralized trial management database for all investigators
  • Provides users with relevant and timely information
  • Delivers trial information to clinical research associates and managers
  • Enables clinical trial sponsors to collect and track all relevant data
  • Facilitates communications to the study team

According to Oracle website, the benefits are multifold; 


  • Better trial results
  • Faster enrollment
  • Improved investigator relationships
  • Increased clinical research associate productivity
  • Lower trial costs
As these systems come in , so is the need of professionals to manage them and the Clinical Traial management professionals job become a high paying job in the field of medical research. 
How can we help you be a part of this high performing job; 
The Advanced Clinical Research certificate programcertificate program at Sollers Institute trains students to understand the various regulations and policies that pertain to conducting, monitoring and managing clinical trials.
Program Overview
  • Develop advanced knowledge of structure of clinical trials, trial operations, monitoring, and site activities
  • Gain understanding of regulations and guidelines like ICH-GCP, HIPAA and regulatory bodies like IRB and FDA
  • Develop advanced understanding about the clinical data management process, systems, techniques and documentation
  • Hands-on training in Oracle® Clinical software

Who should enter the Sollers Institute Advanced Clinical Research program?

We have successfully transitioned doctors who have completed our Advanced Clinical Research program into the following roles:

  • Clinical Study Manager
  • Clinical Trial Manager
  • Clinical Monitoring Manager
  • Lead Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • Clinical Operations Associate

The growth in global demand for clinical research experience translates to a huge demand for skilled manpower for the conduct of clinical trials. Contact us if you have a background in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, life sciences, or health sciences, and you aspire to make a career in, and/or be certified in, clinical research.

For More information on this program Click Here.  Wish you all the best for your career. #SollersCares


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