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LifeSphere intake and triage to improve efficiency, eliminate manual data

Posted by Phil on Oct 11, 2017 2:51:14 PM

Multi-tenant cloud solution acts as a front end to any safety database and integrates with mobile-based applications to automate and standardize the case intake process for reports received from the field, reducing costs for greater ROI, says an ArisGlobal statement.

Case Triage Solution

ArisGlobal, a leading provider of integrated, multi-tenant cloud-based software solutions for life sciences, announces LifeSphere Intake and Triage™, a sophisticated case triage solution that enables drug and device companies to manage the intake, receipt and triaging of adverse events (AEs) automatically from a wide range of sources, including email, fax, online portal, electronic gateway (capable of processing both E2B (R3) and E2B (R2) cases) and mobile apps.

Life Science firms benefit from having a central repository of inbound reports that make it easy to effectively triage potential AEs in an efficient, compliant and auditable manner before promotion to their central safety system. Complex scenarios like Patient Support Programs, which collect data from multiple forms are supported for data extraction options, using high-quality Optical Character Recognition, thereby eliminating 90% of manual data entry effort, noted the report.

Sandeep Mahagaonkar, Senior Product Manager, ArisGlobal, says“Our solution integrates seamlessly with a number of market-known core safety systems as well as with a variety of mobile data collection apps. We have designed this solution with an intuitive, friendly user interface to give local affiliates greater control and ease of sending potential cases.”

Health Information Technology CR 790-1.jpg

Advanced Capabilities

Other advanced capabilities of this solution include duplicate check and data assessment capabilities ensure that only non-duplicate adverse event cases are promoted to the central safety system for review and routing through a company’s pre-defined workflows. Enhanced follow-up handling ensures that any new follow-up related to a case is immediately notified to an organization’s safety team, who can then decide wither to absorb this new information into the same case version or create an entirely new version depending on whether the change is deemed trivial or significant, the report said and added that the support for importing data using custom XML and the ability to extract data from Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF forms are additional features that make case intake easier.


Sankesh Abbhi, Managing Director, ArisGlobal said, “LifeSphere Intake and Triage is another example of how ArisGlobal is providing leading innovation in drug safety and pharmacovigilance. Greater efficiency achieved from advanced automation and functional capabilities, plus multi-tenancy deployment help to drive lower total cost of ownership.”

Key Benefits

There are a slew of benefits. It supports receipt of electronic reports in E2B (R2) or E2B (R2) extended XML formats, E2B (R3) compliant data entry including null flavors; seamless integration with central safety databases, including LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance, Oracle Argus and others; powerful optical character recognition capability allows automatic intake of predefined forms to eliminate data entry; automated workflow assignment, modern user interface with advanced data entry functionality for increased efficiency and enhanced duplicate check and data assessment capabilities.

ArisGlobal is the visionary technology company that’s transforming the way today’s most successful Life Sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Our cognitive technology platform, LifeSphere, integrates machine learning capabilities to automate all core functions of the product lifecycle. Designed with deep expertise and a long-term perspective that spans more than 30 years, our cognitive platform delivers actionable insights, boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, and lowers total cost of ownership through multi-tenancy. Headquartered in the United States, ArisGlobal has regional offices in Europe, India, and Japan.

LifeSphere Intake and Triage is a global adverse event receipt and triage system for regional affiliates and call centers for use in conjunction with the global safety database. Due to increasing case volumes, the need for affiliates and pharmacovigilance centers to effectively triage potential adverse event reports in an efficient, compliant and auditable manner is greater than ever. With an emphasis on automation and efficiency, LIT is a unique case triage solution that automates the receipt of adverse event data regardless of source. Equipped with impressive data intake capabilities, including email and fax integration, literature searching, sophisticated OCR, EDC integration and mobile data collection, LIT significantly improves the ability to triage and process cases, providing unsurpassed automation to significantly reduce case processing times. A rich and modern user interface makes user-driven data entry easier and faster, while the powerful search and exportable listings make visualization and analysis of data simple and intuitive.

Multi-Channel Receipt

LIT enables drug and device firms to capture adverse events automatically from various sources using a variety of communication channels including email, fax, online portal, electronic gateway and mobile apps (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad). All communication channels are seamlessly integrated providing single, central repository of inbound reports for triage and assessment. Invalid reports can be archived while valid reports are classified and distributed to the central safety database. 

Topics: Clinical Research