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Opportunities for a Data Clinical Manager

Posted by Doctor Erick on Jul 27, 2017 1:43:43 PM

Clinical Data Management or CDM is an important area of clinical research and studies. Healthcare organizations and hospitals employ Clinical Data Managers for their organizations.

A clinical data manager applies his knowledge of health care and database management to analyze clinical data for research, study or treatment and later to identify and report trends.

Role of a Clinical Data Manager
Clinical Data Managers play an important role in the healthcare industry. Here is a list of job responsibilities.

  • Ensure the collection of correct information during clinical trials by fully designing appropriate data collection tools
  • Ensure the accuracy of collected clinical data and prepare data analysis listings and activity, performance.
  • Process clinical data according to receipt, entry, verification, or filing of information.
  • Employing correct methodology for interrogating
  • Preparation of appropriate formatting to data sets as requested.
  • Design and validate clinical databases, including, designing or testing logic checks.
  • Design forms for receiving, processing, or tracking data.
  • Develop/select precise software programs for various types of research.
  • Analyze clinical data using appropriate statistical tools.
  • Create instruction manuals, data capture guidelines, or standard operating procedures.
  • Track the flow of work forms, including in-house data flow or electronic forms transfer.
  • Working in close liaison with other study management functions

CDM Jobs 790.jpg

Clinical Data Managers also have to perform routine tasks like checking messages that have been received overnight from all over the world. They are required to validate new data, raise queries and also review responses to queries from sites. Other activities include reviewing protocols, planning resource requirements, discuss timelines and safety issues.

A data manager’s job is crucial for any healthcare organizations engaged in clinical trials and studies. No clinical study can happen without a clinical data manager. They have to interact closely with all key functions at the organization's head office and also with the clinical sites involved conducting these trials.

Since January 2014, it has become mandatory for health organizations to keep electronic medical records. This resulted in healthcare organizations investing in employing IT professionals to meet this objective.Today medical organizations hire Data Clinical Managers to manage and maintain all the clinical data. As every healthcare organization needs to maintain, work and process electronic clinical data, there is a great demand for data clinical managers within the industry.

Work Opportunities Data Clinical Manager
A data clinical manager works in collaboration with the research team of clinical trial doctors and other professionals to conduct the study. Here is a list of his responsibilities.

  • Maintain electronic records of data
  • Ensure careful handling
  • Prepare reports
  • Conduct statistical comparisons
  • Prepare data charts and required presentation material
  • Collaborate with the research team

Job Opportunities for Clinical Data Managers
Clinical data managers are in great demand. If you have an eye for detail, can cope with stress and are able to meticulously organize data you can be very successful in this field. Here is a list where data managers can be employed.

  • Hospitals
  • Health organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Clinical trials
  • Clinical research laboratories

It’s a good field to work if you have an interest in healthcare industry. The atmosphere is vibrant, and you get an opportunity to work in state-of -art facilities and new technologies.

If you have an eye for detail and capacity to organize and deal with huge and varied clinical data to you can work in this field. However, sometimes it could become tedious and stressful. Clinical data managers need to keep abreast with the latest research, technology and software is also crucial for clinical data managers to excel in this field.

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