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5 Reasons to choose MySQL!

Posted by Phil on May 22, 2017 2:31:00 PM

MySQL is a free for use the open-source database management system. It is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) platform. Even though it was acquired by Sun Microsystems initially and laterby Oracle (as Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle), the community edition remains free for use. It is the second most widely used relational database in the world. Its popularity stems from high reliability, compatibility, manageability and cost-effectiveness as compared to other commercial databases. Many organizations use MySQL for its strong security and transactional support.

Big data 790.jpg

The following five reasons make a compelling case for using MySQL.

1 High Performance

Due to its distinct storage engine framework, it delivers un-matched performance. It works flawlessly for large e-commerce applications receiving million hits every single day. It also works as efficiently for high-volume transaction-processing system. It is designed to process millions of queries and thousands of transactions while ensuring unique memory caches, full-text indexes and optimum speed.

2 Excellent Transaction Support

It fulfils all the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) properties of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), ensuring data integrity and consistency are not sacrificed at any cost. It has good data security with excellent data protection features. Powerful data encryption prevents un-authorized viewing of data. SSL / SSH support ensures safer connections. Consistent availability isanother salient feature of MySQL. Companies deploying it can enjoy round-the-clock uptime.

3 Large Support Community

MySQL has a large user base because of its free community edition. There are many forums where a large number of users and developers discuss only on issues related to MySQL. One such site is https://dev.mysql.com/. This site has blogs, tutorials, documentation, videos, white papers and discussion forums. Any question you have is probably answered by someone somewhere in the community. It is also one very active, friendly and co-operative community. 

4 Simple to use and administer

It is easier to use than any other Data Base. You can download and complete installation in 15 minutes. Every programmer starts his development journey with MySQL. Because of its simplicity, you do not require developers with fancy certifications or highly paid training staff. There is a vast talent pool both on the development side and support side. The other aspect of simplicity is it runs very fast. Many programmers swear by this feature when it comes to scaled-downimplementation when you deploy, configure and maintain what you need.

5 Flexible and Scalable

MySQL provides many options for additional features at the time of installation, which allows you to pick & choose what you want. It starts small and as your requirement grows, it grows with the requirement. You can configure MYSQL to run tiny embedded applications or use it to run applications, which use many terabytes of data.

Businesses will continue to demand MySQL skills despite growing interest in alternative database platforms, which are more suited for big data analytics and the Internet of things. Many companies are using multiple database technologies. They are supplementing MySQL and not replacing it.  Big data systems can be developed with MySQL database technology. However,no database technology is perfect and can serve every possible use.

The main way MySQL is important to data science is that some or most of therawdatawould be stored in MySQL, as it is used to support the OLTP needs within the organization. 

Topics: Data Science