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8 Myths About Data Science!

Posted by Doctor Dan on Sep 20, 2016 10:24:11 AM

The term Data Science is often misunderstood and misinterpreted because of many terms that sound similar. This has given rise to lots of myths about the term ‘Data Science’. Here are some common myths:


1. Most people believe that Data Science is actually a subject related to science such as medical science. However, the truth is that ‘Data Science’ is more of an art than a science.

 2. Some people feel that Data Science heavily relies on tools and techniques for producing the desired outcomes. The fact is that, ‘Data Science’ relies on the talent of the data scientist.

3. People feel that you need to be expert in mathematics and statistics to have a command over Data Science. But, the fact is that most data scientists are experts in cross disciplines.

 4. A common myth is that ‘Data Science’ basically involves churning and slicing of data. However, the main purpose of ‘Data Science’ is to accomplish actionable business wisdom.

 5. Another myth goes that ‘Data Science’ is some sort of a project but it is actually an initiative to bring about necessary transformations.

 6. The term ‘Data Science’ can often be confused with big data and some people believe that both the terms are same. The truth is that, ‘Data Science’ is related to a mind-set.

 7. Some people also think that ‘Data Science’ is a hypothetical term that does not mean anything significant. The fact is that ‘Data Science’ actually exists and carries a lot of significance.

 8. Some people feel that ‘Data Science’ is something cool. In reality, it can be complex and boring at times.


People around the world have very little knowledge about this newly evolving term ‘Data Science’ which has given rise to misconceptions and myths about this term. With more discussions and awareness about ‘Data Science’, people are likely to become more familiar with this term in future. 


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