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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence!

Posted by Doctor Dan on Oct 18, 2016 10:59:49 AM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology that makes computers think intelligently. Artificial intelligence is a technology, a program of complex code that is meant to simulate human cognitive abilities. The latest in artificial intelligence is development of emotional quotient in computers. Artificial intelligence I has always been applied in space exploration and massive projects of human evolution because they reduce the chance of errors in providing output for any project.

Artificial Intelligence Resides In Machines

They are super computers that can carry out cognitive abilities with a greater speed. They work on complex data and cross beyond the human limitations of intelligence. The best examples are robots that mechanically perform human tasks with great speed and accuracy. They can be used for daily applications as they are programmed with automated reasoning and human perception. Financial and banking sectors too use this technology to manage volumes of complex data. Since, emotions can affect the efficiency of human beings; programmed robots prove to be more effective.


Used In Various Fields

Jobs and tasks considered monotonous can be carried out by machines that are programmed with artificial intelligence. Even in medical procedures, artificial intelligence is used to diagnose neurological disorders and help doctors during surgery. With AI, nothing is impossible in any field. These are the machines designed to find solutions for the most difficult problems a human faces. Right from finding pathways in space to finding a solution for an epidemic like Ebola, AI is the mechanical super intelligence that can be utilized.


Sky is the limit – says Oren Etzioni, CEO of Allen institute of artificial intelligence. Everything that human beings have contemplated starting from space exploration to finding solution to the deadly Ebola, could have been more documented and tractable with the impact of artificial intelligence. AI will document the footprints of human developments. Source: content.wisestep.com

They can be sent into space to explore different planets and elements in the outer space where humans cannot reach. Disabled patients can use machines programmed with AI as aids to make their lives functional. The possibility of committing errors is almost negligible when using Artificial intelligence. This is one of the biggest advantages of using this technology to find solutions for complex problems.

Topics: Data Science