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Choose Data Science - Give a Boost to Your Healthcare Career

Posted by Doctor Dan on Aug 31, 2016 6:55:17 AM

Healthcare is not about just being a doctor. There are so many more professions related to it. There are big changes happening in healthcare right now. And electronic health records have become an integral part of the system. As a result data scientists become equally important as the doctors.


 Why Data Science is Mandatory in Healthcare?

 Medical data and records offer tremendous insights. In the healthcare industry having better healthcare outcomes is of utmost importance. Data science is working wonder in this regard. It can automate so many things in a quick, scalable way that ultimately data science helps predicting epidemics, advance cures, and a safer and pleasant stay in hospitals.

 Combining descriptive statistics, extended data analysis and predictive analytics, healthcare providers can help avoid the spread of diseases or address specific health threats. It is now easy to treat certain specific ailments in a cost-effective way as medical data helps reduce the number of unnecessary treatments. Hospitals now-a-days use natural language processing algorithms to analyze patient records. Doctors’ notes, lab results and patients’ medical images help identify certain individuals at risk for medical conditions. These are used as big data sets.

 Data science plays a major role in cancer treatment. Sharing, integrating and analyzing historical cancer trial data sets can accumulate research findings and accelerate cures. These rich data sets help find solution to cancer patients globally. In healthcare, heart rates, sleep patterns, walking, geo location, behavioral pattern, and biometrics altogether work as data set.

 How to Begin as a Data Scientist?

 It is clear from the above discussion that choosing data science as a career option is the wisest decision in modern healthcare industry. There is a constant demand in the job market and the options grow day by day. So you need to follow a track to shape you career up as a data scientist:

 Strengthen your mathematics and statistics base

  1. Learn computer science fundamentals, programming language and coding
  2. Learn to manage databases, visualization and reporting
  3. Meet fellow data scientists or go for an internship
  4. Join degree courses in biological sciences and medicine  

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