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Data Capture Methods- eCOA and ePRO

Posted by Phil on Sep 11, 2017 10:35:56 AM

Over the recent years, the data capture technology has influenced a large sector of business organizations in terms of novel approaches and seamless execution. Electronic clinical outcome assessments and Electronic patient report assessments follow methodologies that are appropriate for effective data capture mechanisms. Both of these technology-enabled methods project a comprehensive space into user's everyday lives for using their device-inclusive approach i.e. the data captured can be accessed from any internet connected device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, medical devices, and PCs.


At each and every stage of the process, relevant guidance will be provided supporting the collection of patient reported outcomes (PRO), Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsRO) or Clinical Reported Outcomes (ClinRO). With the aid of several flexible approaches, the selection of locally prevalent or familiar devices has been built to engage the sole purpose of the everyday study. Then it will be improved by the overall quality of data capture and study outcome in addition to supporting the improvement of patient's study experience. Features such as the availability of validated instruments, flexible provisioning, active involvement in the third party device integration and engagement at the heart of each and every phase of the study have had a tremendous control over optimized data capture methods.

Data Capture Method-790.jpg


When it comes to accuracy, Data capture methods have its own significance with respect to the type of necessity, especially in pharmaceutical clinical trials. It is because of this most valuable function or feature that the extensive markets of Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCRO) have attained the peak of its capability while ensuring high-quality data simultaneously. A greater understanding of these diverse types of data capture methods has shed a light on the increasing technological trends subject to potential penetration in pharmaceutical markets.

Gaining Perspectives

 A number of CROs and sponsors have started to gain a lot of perspectives on the different ways to place their organizations in the market. Exclusive features involved in EDC and eCOA/ePRO allows the market to establish a wider dynamic and service provider performance on the basis of a number of core attributes. It also takes an in-depth analysis of closer perspectives of sponsors, CRO and clinical site service experience with EDC and eCOA/ePRO organizations.

On the ground level, the data will be collected from a large area of mainstream flow which allows nearly 166 respondents to represent three different groups such as clinical research sites, sponsor companies, and CROs. One should be very keen enough to extract an important take away from these research concerns which delivers an increasing acceptance for the deployment of EDC and eCOA/ePRO technologies among popular sponsor companies and CROs. A comprehensive study on EDC when compared to paper CRFs revealed that 91% of respondents showcased a greater preference in a steady increase in the performance which accounts for 15 percentage points from previous two years. Similar reports can be observed in the case of paper diaries over eCOA/ePRO where there is 25% increase from the previous years, i.e. from 61%to 86%. A lot of respondents have reported that the usage of technology will be further increased in the upcoming years.

Humongous Gap

It may be noted that such a humongous gap or difference between electronic and paper-based methods have given a great preference and stretched the realization of the potential benefits gained through the employment of electronic technologies. It also denotes a fairly clear gravitation that stays away from paper-based methods.

Changing Landscape

Therefore, Data capture methods have acquired a significant place in the emerging area of electronic data collection technologies. On the other side, it can be seen as an important step that promotes the changing landscape of pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Topics: Data Science