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Did you know that our Data Scientists even work on Wall Street?

Posted by Shilpa Gauba on Jun 8, 2016 6:22:44 PM

Student Spotlight: Amreeta C.


Meet Amreeta, 

Armed with a Masters of Science in Statistics and Biostatistics, Amreeta  discovered a passion for SAS and Data Science. After extensive research on the latest programs in the market, she met - whom she calls - the Sollers family to help pursue her interests. After completing the SAS Clinical program in 2015, she worked as a Data Scientist in Wall Street.

Amreeta tells us why choosing Sollers Data Science Bootcamp is the most valuable decision she has ever made.

What is your background?
I have a Masters in Statistics and Biostatistics. I have always had a fascination for numbers and telling a story from it. After college, I worked as an Adjunct Professor. I had ambitions to get advanced quality training and expertise to hit the ground running.

How did you hear about Sollers?
Due to my background in Biostatistics, I wanted to find a comprehensive program that would give me exposure to the Pharmaceutical industry. During my research, it just so happened that I came across Sollers, an educational institute for those seeking to enter the domains of healthcare, IT, or clinical research. The fact that the school was conveniently located in NJ - a great hub for Healthcare - was a bonus.

What did you like about Sollers that made you choose them?
I contacted a few private bootcamps but I wasn’t convinced. I was impressed by Sollers’ industry-focused
curriculum and placement program. Meeting faculty was also quite good as they all seemed quite experienced.
 Another advantage for me was Sollers’ wide range of programs to choose from: Clinical Research, Drug
Safety and Pharmacovigilance
 , SAS Clinical and more.

Did you think about doing another Master’s program?
I thought about the amount and time I had already spent on myself and did not want to invest as much as a full Master’s program. Bootcamp programs offer perfect balance of time and industry knowledge to transition from the basics to client-level work.

Were you able to balance your studies with your job?
Definitely! Some of the best parts of the program were flexible hours and flexible format of learning (hybrid training). I can take classes online or in person. Faculty was available for me 24-7 and we had a great Student Services team to help us out with any questions.

How did the placements work?
About halfway through the program, Career Services met with me to discuss my resume and my career goals. I got interviews quickly and two job offers with Boehringer Ingelheim and FullBeauty Brands. 

What was it like working on Wall Street? Did the training provide sufficient resources?
Yes! In fact, I appreciated the practical aspect of the curriculum only later, while on the job. Many company procedures and topics such as the Statistical plan, and Proc sql (the way that SAS works with databases), were an important part of my job and were taught in the modules. I was happy to see what I learned actually applied in the workplace! I went from having almost no knowledge to building models to presenting them to the Vice President. Each time I attended a class in Sollers, faculty would devote a good amount of time in discussing how the concepts were applicable in real life - in other words, what exactly may happen in the workplace. Wall Street was an amazing experience! I was able to meet a lot of different people and get to know the industry a lot better.

Is Data Science relevant in Healthcare?
Data Science is DEFINITELY relevant in Healthcare. It is prevalent in everything but Clinical ResearchDrug Safety and SAS Clinical have a major deficit of creative, and analytical professionals. Healthcare Analytics is all about how drugs get approved, how we prevent diseases, and how we can change the world. It is an extremely sought-after career, but not enough people realize it.

How according to you, is studying at Sollers different than elsewhere?
The programs at Sollers are completely interactive and hands-on. Students leave the class knowing what they need to study and use in the working environment. We can get lecture slides from anywhere, but compared to a general program, the difference in Sollers is how we were able to apply the knowledge we gained.

What was the biggest challenge?
The challenge I had before joining the program was that Data Science in general is such a vast field. I wanted to define my niche and choose something that would get me a job. Many companies saw my certification, including those outside of the Pharmaceutical industry. - so defining my niche was a challenge. Sollers helped me complete and master the basics that I needed to succeed. The trick is to study and practice as much as possible. I was nervous about getting a job, but I realised quickly it was all in my head. Sollers was there for me all the way!

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What was your favorite part of your experience?

I loved the projects and case studies we did. We had many data sets to work with specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry. It ended up being very similar to the work I actually did in Wall Street - which is what really helped me find my footing at work.


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