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List of Data Analysis Tools!

Posted by Phil on Aug 1, 2017 3:33:43 PM

Data analyses tools for different purposes are classified into various categories to facilitate finalization and visualization of data including social networks and to perform optimization. The tools also help to search efficient and relevant information besides solving numerous data analysis issues. Here are some of such potential data analyses tools.

One of the greatest and power sources in terms of search operators is Google which cannot be denied. Operators essentially allow you to quickly filter Google results to get to the most useful and relevant information. For instance, say you're looking for a Data Science report published this year by ABC Consulting. If we presume that the report will be in PDF we can search then underneath the search bar, use the "Search Tools" to limit the results to the past year. For identifying new information and performing essential research, the operators could be very useful.


RapidMiner operates through visual programming and is capable of manipulating, analyzing and modeling data. Most recently, RapidMiner won a poll, demonstrating that data science does not need to be a counter-intuitive coding endeavor.

With the aid of visual programming, KNIME provides a way to manipulate, model and analyze data in through distinctive approaches. Essentially, rather than writing blocks of code, you drop nodes onto a canvas and drag connection points between activities. The extended version of KNIME shall be employed to take part in various codes driven analysis and the efficacies can be used to run Python, R, text mining, chemistry data and so on.

Google Fusion Tables is an incredible tool for data analysis, large data set visualization, and mapping. Interestingly, GFT has not been pushed off even by Google’s incredible mapping tool. Take for instance this map, which I made to look at oil production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

NodeXL is visualization and analysis software for networks and relationships, especially with reference to the connections we see on Facebook and LinkedIn that are represented by friendship maps. By the providence of exact calculations, NodeXL takes the process a step ahead. If you're looking for something a little less advanced, check out the node graph on Google Fusion Tables, or for a little more visualization try out Gephi

 The import.io tools have opened up a wide space to web scraping and pulling information for everyone which used to be reserved only for nerds. Harvesting data from websites and forums are made handy with import.io.  Some of the other features of Import.io will dig, scrape, and pull data for the user to analyze or export relevant documents.

Tableau democratizes visualization in an elegantly simple and intuitive tool.  The Tableau is an extremely powerful tool fort it accelerates the business by communicating insights via data visualization. In spite of existing alternatives that could generate good results, public’s million row limit of Tableau provides a great playground for personal use and the free trial is more than long enough to get you hooked. In the analytics process, Tableau's visuals allow you to quickly investigate a hypothesis, sanity checks your gut, and just go, explore the data before embarking on a treacherous statistical journey.

The solver is an optimization and linear programming in Excel that allows you to set constraints although advanced optimization may be relevant to another program.  The solver will make quick work of a wide range of problems.

The tools are as valuable as the information gathered and analyses conducted during the course. So take a moment to learn a few new tricks, challenge yourself, and let these tools enhance and complement the logic and reasoning skills that you already have. 

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