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Salaries for Hadoop Professionals

Posted by Phil on May 2, 2017 12:19:33 PM

Hadoop has been a great platform for all professionals looking for a good paid career. The big data technology turns out to be a big boon for trained professionals as a lot of organizations have started looking for alternatives anticipating a better understanding of the big data language. In fact, most of them are ready to offer premium packages for highly competent big data professionals. Since it has scattered business consciousness and adopted wide enterprises, the Hadoop's technology has paid increasing dividends. The current technology talent search leaves no stone unturned to hire mastered professionals with expertise in Hadoop technology.

In accordance with the statistics provides by one of the leading online job portals, a huge number of job openings are available for potential Hadoop professionals. It states that more than 6000 job postings are available in the world and as far as the United States is concerned, there is 60 percent of Hadoop jobs are available. There are minimum 50 vacant positions out of the 100 listed jobs in the USA with respect to the different skill sets required to take up the job. When we analyze the most common trends pertaining to Hadoop job postings in the United States, the Hadoop developer's salary is estimated at an average of around of $110,000. Interestingly, it is 95 percent higher than the average salaries for all the other job postings nationwide. The top-notch salary package in Hadoop-related jobs is for Hadoop administrator who could earn up to $123,000.

Data Scientist with numbers.jpg

Robert Half technology, a staffing firm based in California has released its survey findings which state that most numbers of organizations have started looking for professionals who possess advanced big data initiatives. Candidates who could communicate with data scientists, business users, and translate business objectives into data processing workflows also have a greater chance of cracking a career with highly paid Hadoop professional. With respect to the last two years statistics, there are close to 500 jobs open for big data Hadoop developers in San Francisco, California in established organizations whereas more than 450 jobs are available for big data Hadoop engineers around Bay area California in numerous startup companies.

In future, potential big data engineers can expect a possible increase in average salaries ranging from $119,250 to $168,250. In San Francisco, CA, the average salary for a Hadoop developer is estimated to be $139,000. On the other side, senior Hadoop developers in San Francisco can earn more than $178,000 on an average. Overseas Hadoop jobs scenario has also been on a healthy trend in which India remains the top offshoring destination for information technology followed by Malaysia and China. At number 4, it is Mexico and Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Brazil were listed fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth respectively.

The prospects of big data and Hadoop jobs share some healthy trends according to which big data technology and services are estimated to grow at a rate of 26.4 percent compound annual growth rate to $41.5 billion through 2018. In other words, it can be said that the growth of big data career is about six times greater than the overall information technology market. Yet another report from SNS indicates the growth of Big Data investments could eventually account for $80 billion by the end of 2018 which means it is foreseen to grow at the rate of 14 percent over the next five years. The statistics are an obvious revelation of high demand lucrative jobs in horizontal domains of big data technologies.

Therefore, with such a phenomenal market value for Hadoop professionals, one cannot deny the fact that becoming a certified Hadoop professional could be a master's choice than anything else.

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