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Surviving the New Fashion of Tech Job Cuts

Posted by Shilpa G. on Jun 14, 2016 3:29:38 PM

Lay Off : A New Fashion: Are you ready with the Scientist's Formula?

The word is out- IBM- 5,000, GoldmanSachs - 10%, Boeing - 10%...and so on. These are the number of Job cuts on the name of Lay Offs happening in the industry. These are only 3 companies, and they are not alone. In fact, they have been the trend setters.  If you dont have that box in your hand with your stuff in it, you are lucky. But, you need to be ready, who knows when the next round is going to hit and for a waive in the industry again. 

  • Do you think you are ready for the next challenge?


The technology Jobs are cool, as far as they can be kept. More the experience of a person in a field, the more is the salary, but, it also means more is the chances of you being laid of. Job cuts are normally on two grounds: 1. performance, 2. Contingency. Either case, you only have one option - find a new job soon as possible. 

For those who have been at a progressive path on their career in the same company, it's important to move out and learn new technology. for those moving around - there is a need to understand one technology in depts. 

Good news is that along side the wave of layoffs, another wave of new job category showing up. in fact this job category is already much in demand - and is expected to have shortage of employees by 2020. The job category is in the fiels of Data Science! 

Yes, all the geeks who understand technology well, this is the time to celebrate. You can look into becoming Data Scientist or a Data Science engineer.  specially in the Healthcare industry, the need is growing - The big systems to manage Hospitals and patient data need someone to analyse them. Cerner, Epic, M3. Oracle and many other hospital system providing companies are already streaching on the need. This will be followed by the Hospitals themselves and then wall street and much more.  The possibilities are endless. The salaries are based on demand and supply -and the suply is already seeing a dip. Do you want to become the next data scientist? Do you want to have a job which spares you time to spend with your kids? Do you want a job that is not so stressful? Then this might be the right choice for you. 

Sollers.edu now offers Data Science certificate that can be completed in a sort time of 12 weeeks. Weather you are actively searching in job market or you have a job and are trying to keep up witht he new technologies - this is a good fit for you.  The data science course is designed to be short, flexible, relevant and cost effective - to meet the needs of working professionals. Sollers has a 84% placement rate - like icing to the cake. 

Visit http://info.sollers.edu/datasciencecertificate to get more information on this quick gain. 


 No one should have to see the lay off day, no one should have to be worried about the future in this amazing country. We equip you to get the best in the job market. We also assist you with the placement.  The cost is negligible compared to the money you will be making and the duration of course is just 12 weeks. 

Sollers wishes you all the best for your future and wish to see you reach that goal! 


Topics: Data Science