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The Painful Drive Back Home

Posted by Shilpa G. on May 27, 2016 12:16:27 AM

                    He was driving the car back home. Normally,  it would be getting dark, the kids would have called him with their demands and his wife would be pinging him the grocery list. But today was different. Today, it was not dark, the Sun was way up in the sky.  The day was bright, yet, he was dull. He was in pain, but he was not sick. The waters from within, had found a way through the eyes, and everything seemd so blurry today.  

                                             "It was the Big LayOff day at his office, and his name was on the list.



                It's been 4 months now, but the picture above has a permanent imprint on his mind. He was trying hard, applying everywhere and willing to work for less, yet, no luck. The 3,000 other employees that were laid off with him, who he called his buddies, were competing with him in the job market. Added to the list of competators,  were people laid off from other companies and the people looking for a change. The competition was intense and the hopes were fading with months passing by. He had been with the same company for 20 years now. He had not given an interview for 20 yrs and had not enhanced his skills for 20 whole years.

               In today's fast changing world, the norms of job market have changed as well. There is no permanent job anymore. The job security is only a matter of personal perception and competition is getting intense. Your qualification 20 yrs back is almost out of date today and if you have not switched jobs every 2-5 yrs, you propably have become stagnant to that one role/ job function.  So what are the options for Mr. XX now? He's been the IT guy for one company for so long that even the company's speghati codes can't support themselves and have been updated to new system.  What are the chances for him getting employed again soon, so his ensurance does not expire. 

            Well, its not all that bad. As new technologies are coming up in every field, so is the need for people to manage and understand those technologies.  In the world of internet, and computers, everything is online and on the systems. All hospital records are on the server and all of them are probably moving to cloud by now. With all this data coming in, and getting stored, there is a pressing need of analysts and data scientists. A data scientist in needed everywhere to mine that data and a data analyst is required to make sence of that data by analysisng it and presenting it in the form of useful information. 

                     The need has soared not only in the field of Information Technology  but also in the fields of finance, housing, advertising, retail, B2B - infact, at most of the business outlets (big or small). Fortunately enough, Sollers has come up with a very affordable course to help the people in job transition to get the skill they need  and get back into work. This course is in the field of Data Science and can be completed in a matter of couple of months.  Placement assistance is also available and the placement rate for Sollers is 84%.  As the demand is high and the prices are very low,  the spots are getting filled up very fast. The next batch for the Data Science is starting this month. To learn more about the career option in Data Science, Click Here and request info on the course curriculum and the start dates. 

                   Keeping up with the changing market is the mantra to follow. Let us help you learn the Mantra. 


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