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What is SAS Enterprise Guide?

Posted by Doctor Erick on Aug 3, 2017 12:39:28 PM

SAS Enterprise Guide is a point-and-click, menu and wizard-driven tool, which provides fast-track learning for quick data analysis, generates code for productivity and speeds your ability to deploy analyses and forecasts in real time.

SAS Enterprise Guide integrates an extensive array of analytics with the power of SAS software in an efficient, user-friendly graphical user interface application. Business analysts can produce analyses and distribute reports, freeing IT to focus on other strategic projects. Its solution guides users so they can quickly access data for analysis, schedule projects, share results and embed output easily for repeated use – including access to advanced analytics and other SAS capabilities.

Centralized, IT-managed, role-based security

A centralized system for managing access to corporate data ensures that users have appropriate access privileges that empower them to react quickly to evolving business conditions. Distribute interactive content to Microsoft Office and Web users. The ability to develop and deploy customized tasks lets users extend core functionality to create easily distributed custom wizards. Easily deliver information and publish dynamic, interactive content to Microsoft Office and Web users.

Data Analyst - 790.jpg


Intuitive wizards provide access to SAS capabilities from basic reporting to complex analyses. Each wizard has a wide range of flexible options that are easily adjusted. A log is generated with information about processing, including notes, warnings, and errors. Results can be delivered in HTML, RTF, PDF, SAS reports, and text formats. Most results also can be output as SAS data sets for further analysis with other tasks. SAS Report formats can be shared with SAS Web Report Studio and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.

Graphs can be created as ActiveX (dynamic or image), Java Applets (dynamic or image), GIFs or JPEGs. ActiveX and Java Applets permit direct interaction with the graph objects without resubmitting requests to the server. An intuitive process flow diagram facility allows users to organize, view and maintain their projects visually. Custom tasks enable you to easily extend the range of business problems that can be solved.

The Data Explorer Tool lets you create custom views of data, quickly calculate basic charts and statistics for each column in a SAS data set, and add a data exploration view to your project. Integration with SAS Rapid Predictive Modeller enables business analysts and subject-matter experts to quickly create predictive models and step through a workflow of data preparation tasks. It can be deployed with SAS Grid Manager to provide automated management of the computing grid with dynamic load balancing, resource assignment, and job prioritization.

It can also be deployed via MSI-based installer or application streaming. What is more, the tool has high-performance computing, grid enablement and it automatically detects if a grid environment is available for more efficient processing. It lets you configure GUI Process Flow branches to run in parallel on different grid nodes, analyses SAS programs to optimize the, performance of code in the grid environment. Enables parallel execution of tasks on the same server. Besides enabling you to run tasks at the project level or individual task level in a SAS grid environment, result distribution and sharing, distribute results by publishing to multiple channels, including the SAS BI report/content repository, the SAS Stored Process Server, printers, Microsoft Office documents and email, it also share results in the form of SAS Stored Processes for use in other applications such as SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, SAS Web Report Studio or other third-party clients. The open and refresh SAS Web Report Studio reports in a seamless and integrated fashion. Export results to other applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, Word and SharePoint.

Furthermore, it updates analyses and results on a periodic basis using the native Windows scheduler. Last, but not the least, HtmlBlue is default style for SAS report and HTML results (default can be changed and new styles can be created).

Topics: Data Science