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What are Unapproved Drugs?

Posted by Phil on Jan 5, 2017 1:16:06 PM

Drugs that are not approved by authorities like FDA and other federal authorities are considered unapproved drugs. FDA checks for the effectiveness and hazardous nature of any drug before it approves the drug. Only after a new drug passes the FDA tests, which takes at least 2 to 3 years, it can be manufactured and marketed as an approved drug. It is safe to buy approved drugs as you can be assured of its effectiveness to remedy an ailment.

Check for Monograms

All that have been approved has standardized format for labels, and monograms on them. When you receive a medicine over the counter, you can check for a monogram and label to know if it is an approved drug. Many old drugs and medicines are still marketed without FDA approval, and this can lead to the concerns of public safety. Medical practitioners and healthcare providers must not prescribe unapproved drugs as a safety and healthcare practice.

Drug Safety Rules.jpg

FDA removes unapproved drugs from the market:

  • This is a procedure followed by FDA authorities.
  • Whenever there is a violation of FDA rules and guidelines, it removes unapproved drugs from the market to ensure public safety.
  • Most of these unapproved drugs fall in the category of medicines that cure cough and cold. Sometimes, doctors prescribe unapproved drugs to cure cough and cold.
  • There is hardly any way for the patient to check, if these over the counter medicines are FDA approved.

FDA Does Not Have a Complete List

Since, there are thousands of unapproved drugs that are marketed; FDA does not have a complete list of unapproved drugs that are on the market. Agencies have been vigilant since the year 2006 to check for such drugs and remove them from the market.


For public safety, FDA has been taking this measure to strictly adhere to guidelines and rules. Even medicines that provide therapeutic use for various serious ailments are sold as unapproved drugs.

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