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Four Reasons Why It is Important to Learn Oracle Argus

Posted by Sollers Team on Mar 21, 2018 2:02:13 PM



***Oracle graphic from Infinitysts.com 

Oracle Corporation, specifically its Health Sciences arm is the developer of Oracle Argus, a comprehensive pharmacovigilance platform that enables drug manufacturers to make faster and better safety decisions, optimizing their global compliance, and providing for them an easy way to integrate risk management.

Unlike solutions that require a great deal of customization, Oracle Argus provides deep and uniquely integrated safety functionality that scales to millions of cases and easily aligns with an organization’s safety and business processes. It offers to the drug safety industry a well-defined, customer and pharma-driven strategy to improve safety compliance and efficiency through aggressive product innovation and integration, assuring an organization that it will have a comprehensive and reliable product roadmap with expanding safety and risk management capabilities.

Major releases of Oracle Argus occur every 12-18 months and minor releases more frequently, allowing users to gain the benefit of continuous product innovation and regulatory updates.



Here are five important reasons to learn to use Oracle Argus :

  1. Makes better safety decisions faster, with scientific querying and analytics: Oracle Argus provides a single global database and advanced analytics to improve data accuracy while giving safety analysts more time to review cases. It provides a true, single, global safety database that supports operations with no synchronization or separate transmission of data required, increasing the accuracy and consistency of global safety operations, processes, and data.
  2. Improves quality and efficiency through safety integration and automation: Oracle Argus provides flexible configuration, automated case processing, and integrated functionality to increase the productivity and efficiency of safety operations. Argus configures to processes without customization and incorporates safety planning into corporate strategy to increase efficiency as well as case and reporting compliance. Argus delivers a flexible, automated case processing workflow with configurable dynamic timelines, work list management, and company-defined reporting rules to optimize case processing efficiency and effectively manage increasing volumes and complexity of safety cases.
  3. Enhances compliance with E2B exchange and periodic reporting: Oracle Argus provides comprehensive and periodic reporting, advanced analytics, and scientific querying for all levels of user ability to help make fact-based safety decisions quickly.  Argus self-service querying provides visibility to key safety data to set and manage risk-benefit ratios, allowing to make timely, science-based decisions on end-to-end safety and risk management. On-demand reporting provides detailed case information in minutes, to quickly and effectively prepare for and respond to regulatory information requests and audits.
  4. Conducts global case processing that scales easily to millions of cases: Argus offers retrospective and real-time analytics for workflow state, case lock, and expedited report submission compliance to improve the quality and timeliness of safety case processing and reporting while reducing operational risks for both post-marketed and clinical trial pharmacovigilance data. Partner case processing provides a single interface and repository for safety cases processed by affiliates, eliminating duplicate data entry and the risk of conflicting case data.  

At Sollers College, we recognize the importance of industry tools like Oracle Argus, and train our students in the most state-of-the-art-specialty software required by employers today. Our faculty members are well versed in Oracle Argus, and utilize it in our Advanced Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance graduate certificate training.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help equip you with the knowledge and experience of working on such tools.


Topics: Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Research