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Job opportunities for HealthCare Professionals in the US –Part 1

Posted by Phil on Feb 23, 2017 12:27:14 PM

The career opportunities in Health Care industry have been increasing to a drastic level over the period of past ten years. One might not have got years of medical school education but still, would able to acquire a relevant job in any concerned health care field.  In general, Healthcare jobs can be classified into Physician Jobs and Non-Physician Jobs. Individuals with respective expertise and knowledge in either of the department can avail a plethora of job opportunities.  Either an associate academic degree or on-the-job training is enough to pursue a career in the field of ‘Health Care Support’.  Professionals who work with surgeons, doctors, and dentists by assisting them in important tasks involved in monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of patients hold the badge of Health Care support employee.

Doctors & Nurses_copy.jpg

Doctoral or Professional degree Health Care Jobs and its Nature

Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians involve in the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injuries besides examining patients with respect to their medical history and suggesting appropriate medical prescription.  They conjointly perform varied diagnostic tests.  For the needful patients counseling on hygiene, diet and preventive healthcare are provided. Surgeons work on the treatment of diseases like cancer and deformities like cleft palates.  The average income for Physicians and Surgeons is predicted to be greater than or equal to $187,200 per annum.

Optometrists work on the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of eyes and its visual related problems. Based on the level of severity, they prescribe contact lenses or eyeglasses (If needed).  Optometrists earn an average income of $103,900 per annum.

Physical therapists or PTs
Physical therapists play an important role in the treatment of chronic conditions, illness or injuries. They also perform rehabilitation to the highly depressed patients. Based on the field experience and the entry level knowledge, Physical therapist’s  can earn $84,020 per annum.

Patients with hearing imbalance or ear problems seek Audiologists. They perform effective diagnosis, management, and treatment of such impairments. Average Income: $74,890 per annum

There are several other Job roles under this category apart from the above-mentioned jobs.

Some of the Associate Degree Health Care Jobs and its Nature

Radiation Therapists
Radiation therapists perform high-level administering of including cancer and other such diseases. Average Income: $80,220

Nuclear Medicine Technologists
They discover the areas of a patient’s body with the operation of Nuclear medicine technology equipment which projects the images of a human body admitted unwell. Preparing and administering of radioactive drugs into the patients help them for their treatment.  Average Salary: $73,360

Dental Hygienists
Treatment of oral diseases including cavities, gingivitis by suggesting effective preventive dental care is the main responsibility of a Dental Hygienist. Average Salary: $72,330

Graduates with the Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Genetic Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Nurse Anesthetics, Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners to name a few also have diverse career opportunities with the salary ranging from $50,000 to $80,000. The same salary can also be expected by those with the Bachelor's degree in Registered Nursing, Dietician and Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Recreational Therapy.

An average salary of $30,000 to $35,000 will be offered to the pupils who have passed High School Diploma or equivalent in Optician, Dispensing, and Pharmacy Technician. Professionals who are trained in home health aides can earn $21,920 per annum. It has to be noted there is no formal education credential needed for this job.

According to the recent reports by the United States Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the growth of healthcare practitioners and technical occupations in terms of earnings has increased up to $62,610 p.a. which was predicted to be greater than the annual wage for all occupations in the economy of $36,200. Similarly, Health Care Support occupations like Therapy assistant and Home health aides has seen a drastic increase in the median annual wage of $27,040.

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