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Unemployed Foreign Doctor in the USA?

Posted by Shilpa G. on Mar 9, 2016 11:37:13 AM


"Tears would often shed down her beautiful face,

something inside her wanted to go back to the medical field."


                           Thousands of doctors from around the world enter the USA every year. Many don't have the opportunity to practice medicine here in the USA. I met a highly talented dentist at my first job in USA- at a jewelry store. She was selling jewelry behind the counters of a famous Jewelry store in NJ. I was one of the sales person working with her on the floor. "Tears would often shed down her beautiful face, something inside her wanted to go back to the medical field." The med schools were costly and she had a budding family, with two kids to take care of.  I wish I had a solution for her then. She wished there were more options for #foreigndoctors in USA. 

                          Remembering you, my friend, as I pass on this information for you and many doctors like you in the USA, who can be a great asset to the nation without having to bear the huge cost of med schools in USA.  Sollers.edu is training a new generation of clinical researchers, bio-analysts and drug safety specialists in Edison, New Jersey. These are medical field related jobs and have certificate training at much lower cost and can be done in very short time. You can be close to your profession and have a great work, life balance. Your education back home will be of great use and you will make a difference in the USA. 

                           Listed here are a few of the certificate programs that can put you in good work life balance jobs, related to your field,  in almost no time. The programs below have links to the actual detail pages so you can click and learn more. 

1. Clinical Trial Management

2.  Advanced Drug Safety and Pharmocovigilance

3. Drug Safety and Pharmocovigilance

4. Advanced clinical research

5. Data Science

6. Data Engineering

7. United States Medical Licencing Examination


If you are on H4, who came in as dependent with your spouse, or a permanent resident who immigrated for their kids or a medical student who is struggling to get residency, but the luck is just nor favoring you, please don't get disheartened. This amazing country has something great for every talent. You just need to find your calling.  We are just a call away at 848-299-5900 at no obligation. You can also email us at admissions@sollers.edu

Your success is our success. A great talent has many options to choose from. We welcome great talents like you to find your desired alternative option in the field of #lifescience, #pharmacovigilance #datascience and more. 


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