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5 Steps to get back to work after a long Break

Posted by Shilpa Gauba on May 29, 2016 1:38:17 AM

I am a big supporter of working women - specially working moms. This is the story of my neighbor, a mom of two who finally made it happen after a long break.

She was a Pharmacist, working at a big retail store's Pharmacy department and she loved her job. She was getting paid well, had great insurance plan and was respected in the family as she was the go to person for everyone when anyone got sick.  She was just married for two years, all was well.  She was now also going to have the best gift of her life and was very excited about it. She was going to have a baby.  When she held her baby for the first time, she decided that she wanted to take care of the little angle by herself and she would not leave her with anyone to go to work.  It seemed like it would be tough, but leaving her baby was out of question, so she quit her job and enjoyed being with the kids for the next ten years. 

Ten years passed by pretty quickly and she was busy like never before.  But now, that both her kids were at school, she started feeling the silence. She would meet other parents, who were working and wanted to get back to work. No she had no regrets, she was very happy to see her kids get the time they needed, but it was time for her to get back to her profession. She started applying for jobs, but would not get response. She was smart and she knew her subject well, but a lot had changed in the industry since she left.



Here are the five things she did to get back in the market and get her confidence back. I am putting this up for all the moms’ who took a break to attend to their families- and are now looking to get back to work.  For any mom, who has worked in the field of Pharmacy, PharmacoVigialnce, drug safety, life Science or even just has some degree in these fields. please read carefully and  implement these, let us know how you feel about these.

1. Update your Linked Profile: most of the professionals are on LinkedIn today. Who you know is more important than what you know (sometimes).  Try to find your people on Linked and start connecting with them.  Update your Linked In profile as if it is your resume. So you send someone a half filled resume? No, then, why should your LinkedIn profile not get the love it needs? You instantly start getting in front of people who could be your potential employers.

2. Enroll in some good certification course: There are many courses that are available to get you back to work sooner. They provide you the skill needed to be able to accomplish the tasks in today’s environment. If you have been in the field of Pharmacovigilance/ life sciences/ Drug safety, Sollers Institute provides one such course that can put you in job market right away. Sollers is accredited, affordable and also provides externship options and placement assistance. In Fact, the placement rate is 84%. Click here to find out more about that course. You can even get a free career counseling session when you request information.  This course trains you in a special tool - Oracle Argus that is being used by most Healt care institutes/ pharmacys -making you just the right fit for the job.

3. Get Career Counseling: Sollers offers free career counseling session. You need to call their admissions department and talk to Mamta Gupta - the Director of Admissions at 848-299-5900 and she will be glad to help. Once you are at the career counseling, ask the counselor as many questions as you have and make sure you are getting the best of the time you have scheduled. Make a list of questions a day before you counseling session so you don’t miss on the opportunity.

4. Start a Voluntary Job: Look for some voluntary/ pro bono opportunity and start working to gain the knowledge you need to get back to the paid job soon. if you are sincere, and are taking the course, doing what it is needed to get that desired job, most companies give their volunteers/ interns the first priority to new opened job roles because they have already started knowing them and have cultivated them in the company culture - will not need much time to train for the job.  Sollers also helps its students with externship opportunities in the fields of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety.

5. Draw inspiration: It's important to do networking, and meet people who have been in your place before. Find the moms who have done this before and make sure you spend time with them, networking and listening to their stories for inspiration. They have done it before, they might have done it the harder way- learn from their mistakes and ask them , what would they do differently and take their advice with a bit of your own judgment.

My friend, had moved from India, she had the citizenship of the USA and was a pharmacist, yet she had trouble getting back to work. She is very happy today that she enrolled in the Pharmaocvigilance and Drug Safety Certification at Sollers, about a year ago and is now working full time with a small Pharmacy, which gives her the flexibility to get back to her kids at 3.00 pm - she works 8-3, just as her kids and enjoys her life completely. 

Yes, she is a mom, with two little kids still in elementary school, and yes she worked hard before. This time, she chose to utilize her hard work, take training and advantage of Social platforms, social networking and Sollers placement assistance to get back to work. If this is possible for her, its possible for you too.  Call Mamta at 848-299-5900 and ask her for your free career counseling session today.  She can also be reached at admissions@sollers.edu. I wish you luck with all my heart. We are here to help, and just a call away. Call us, at no obligation.


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