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Pharmacovigilance a chance for renewed career

Posted by Shilpa G. on Jun 29, 2016 7:38:38 AM

You have been working for years successfully. Then you go through an emergency or you decided to settle and had family. You made a decision, it was for the greater good of the family. Few years down the line when things got under control you decided to go back. Or you are one who felt the axe of layoff.. Most of us been through this if not us someone in our family. We have seen the anguish and struggle to get back to work force not only that get back to a job you like, a decent job which can let you take care of your family....If you are from the biology or pharmacy field.. Let me brighten your day by telling you there is a job like that.. In the new and emerging field of pharmacovigilance.

How about a stable career in pharmaceutical industry? You will be an important part of the Industry. What you will do? You will detect, assess, understand and prevent the adverse effects of drugs or any other drug-related problem. This program is also part of World Health Organization. You will enhance patient care and patient safety or you can be part of public health programmes.

You can contribute to the field and help raise the standard of life saving drugs.You have worked in the  life science industry for long enough isn’t it!  it's about time you realize your potential and a stable job. The career in Pharmacovigilance will  provide that job security for you and your family in the coming decade.

You can also take this qualification back to the industry with a better profile. You know how? Because there is an unmet need of qualified individuals for subject testing and drug quality assessment, efficacy and safety testing before public release.The aims of pharmacovigilance within the industry are essentially the same as those of regulatory agencies; that is to protect patients from unnecessary harm. Although the perspectives of companies and the regulatory agencies may be different they now work more and more closely together and share information. Even newly introduced products need to be continuously assessed for safety and efficacy. Pharmacovigilance is a key public health function. What it translates to? You will be an integral part of your organization and you will have that job security.

Well does all this feels too overwhelming? We have an easy answer call one of the sollers advisors and they will let you know very minute detail how sollers can train you for this awesome job market.

We will cover all important FDA, EU-EMA and ICH regulations during the course. You will learn all the current softwares like oracle argus safety software and you will learn how to proficiently write regulatory and SAE reports. You will be trained by Industry experts in proper procedures in audit and risk management. In all we will help you cover all the bases.




There is also fact you all very well know that not all trainings are the same. Training at an accredited institution can make all the difference. Talk to a Sollers advisor and Invest in your career.

Let me add cherry to the cake by telling you this : The starting average salary of a Pharmacovigilance office is $80K/yr. With about 5-7 yrs of industry experience you can earn up to an average of $130K/ Year.


Does this entice you? Do you feel motivated to make a successful career move. Click here or call us at 848 299-5900 today! We are just a call away!

And rest assured we will work with you keep the options financially viable. We will not push you and will not try to sell you anything. We will just listen to you and will give you the best to help you make the right decision.


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