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Why Pharmacovigilance Certification is Important?

Posted by Doctor Dan on Jul 21, 2016 5:38:48 AM

We hear health departments warning people not to use a particular drug. We also hear that a new drug is launched for a remedy of a particular aliment.  Developments of new and effective medical products happen; we use them on the prescription of an authorized doctor. But, all said and done, public health is very important and Pharmacovigilace is the key to public health. So who monitors the quality of these drugs?  Who detects any effects of such drugs?   This is where a Pharmacovigilance Associate is indispensable and this is why a Pharmacovigilance Certification is essential.

There is always a need to monitor the effects of drugs before it is tested and also after it is launched.  Pharmacovigilance involves monitoring, assessing and reporting the quality of such drugs. Effective examining and scrutinizing the safety issues associated with medicines is essential especially when it comes to public health.


 So here are 5 important suggestions why a Pharmacovigilance certification is important.

1. A Pharmacovigilance associate play’s a significant role when it comes to public health and safety in relation to the use of medicines in all medical and para medical interventions. So, in-depth knowledge of conducting a Pharmaco­epidemiological study is fundamental. 

2. Monitoring the adverse effects of drugs from initiation through the product lifecycle till it reaches the pharmaceutical companies and supervising effects & benefits for many years is crucial. 

3. Understanding the proper procedure for success in pharmacovigilance audits and of advanced risk management as it relates to the pharmacovigilance industry is vital. 

4. Keeping track of any drastic effects of drugs. 

5. Evaluating information provided by health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and patients in desirable as to understand the risks and benefits involved with drugs.

If you have understood the why's of this disciple then it’s quite simple to know more about pharmacovigilance certification.

Topics: Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety