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Preparing For The Hiring Trends of 2019

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Oct 9, 2018 12:14:54 PM

October has arrived! This means fall, pumpkin picking, Halloween and the beginning of Q4 of the 2018 work year. Ready or not, this year is rapidly coming to a close and 2019 will soon be upon us. While some blogs may wait until December to start talking about 2019, the Sollers Buzz is, as always, thinking about ways to prepare you for the jobs of the future. That is why this week, we are examining a fascinating report that came out of Capitol Communicator’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit last week. The summit hosted a panel of recruitment experts who all shared their thoughts on hiring trends we will be seeing in 2019.

New technology developments will create a need for training or new staff

As we’ve covered in past posts, technology is moving a fast pace, especially in the world of Information Systems and Technology. These types of developments will be forcing the hand of many employers who need to ensure their teams still have the necessary skills to compete. It will be crucial for all IST professionals to continue to learn these in-demand skills to stay employed. Investing in short-term certificate programs is an ideal way to take control of your career. Starting a program now will put you in front of other candidates who will be applying for the same jobs in January.

Old technology will become less relevant on a resume

This is crucial because if you have been out of work for an extended period of time, your last role might not be as impressive as you need it to be. It may be time to invest in a program or internship designed to teach you new skills for the jobs of the future. In addition, this trend shows that this is a great time to break into the IST industry. With old skills and experience becoming less valuable, it is easier to compete with industry veterans, if you have invested the time and money in learning the new technology these companies are looking for.

Retaining top talent will be key to the bottom line

This trend is more important to you than you may realize and here is why. Companies are starting to discover how important keeping talent in place has become. That being said, they are looking to hire those candidates who demonstrate an ability to learn new skills and consistently be of value to the team and the organization. By investing in and upskilling yourself, you are showing potential employers that you possess the determination and passion needed to be a great employee for years to come. Any candidate who has successfully demonstrated the ability to pick up new skills will be placed far ahead of the rest of the list of candidates.


2019 is on its way and it’s bringing with a new world of hiring and retaining talent. Most candidates will not start thinking about their next career move until December or January. However, you can get ahead of the game by applying to IST programs designed to place you in these industry-leading positions and companies. Take these trends as a sign to begin taking control of your education, career, and future.

About Sollers

Established in 2007, Sollers is an institution of higher education, specializing in the Life Sciences and Information Systems Technology. We provide students with the essential knowledge and applied skills they require to meet the demands of the growing healthcare, government, financial services and technology fields.

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