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Student Profile: Dr Malvika Singh

Posted by Khyati Mehta on May 2, 2018 11:59:23 AM

In our Student and Alumni Profile series, we will regularly feature students and alumni to give you a glimpse of who we are, and more importantly, offer you insights and perspectives if you plan to walk the same path. Meet Dr Malvika Singh, a foreign medical doctor, currently completing our  Certificate in Clinical Trial Management,  and who has  recently got a full time job offer as a Clinical Research Coordinator in a Cardiology hospital .

Please share a little about yourself

I am a medical doctor, born and raised in India. I have a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Doctor of Medicine (MD), and have worked with a leading hospital in New Delhi, managing medical emergencies and assisting surgeons and physicians. I recently got married and moved to United States last fall. I knew that as foreign doctor, practicing medicine in the US will be a long and challenging route, and I was not keen to invest that kind of time. I knew about clinical research, and was exploring training options and institutions which would be the right fit for me. I was looking not just for a training course; but a one-stop solution to launch my career in the US, as I am still relatively new here.  I enrolled in Certificate in Clinical Trial Management program here at Sollers College and haven't looked back ever since!


student testimonial What do you like about your experience with Sollers College?

I researched a lot of training options and institutions, and frankly, they were cheaper too. But what I found and got me interested is that Sollers College team is genuinely dedicated and committed to student's success. The admissions staff spent a lot of time counselling and explaining to me various training options. The faculty is very knowledgeable and I loved learning from Dr Praveen. If you're ever depressed, spend a hour with him and you'll get a new zest for life! He's that much of an influence on me. The course materials are very detailed and useful. Most importantly for me, I liked how the career services team helped me with resume reviews, guided and trained me on the job application process, interview process and soft-skills required to succeed in healthcare industry here. I was a doctor working in a hospital - I've never had to do any job interviews or apply for jobs. This whole process has become a learning and fruitful experience for me, thanks to the team here at Sollers College. 

I started the clinical research program in February 2018, and by April end, I got four interview calls, and two job offers on the same day - one from New York and one closer home, in New Jersey.  Could it get any better?

Did anything surprise you about your experience with Sollers?

I am just surprised at how committed and supportive all the staff and faculty members have been, to ensure students succeed. It's been a great experience for me and the best decision of my life! 

Do you have any advice / tips for prospective students?

As I mentioned, I've been fortunate that despite being relatively new to the US, I now have a secured job before I even complete the clinical research training program. However, to all other fellow foreign medical graduates who come here to US to pursue their dreams, I'd say be patient, but determined in your pursuit. Clinical research is really a great option as you can stay true to your roots with a medical background, and yet don't have to go through the long and gruelling process of practicing medicine here in the US. Consider Sollers College - it's more than meets the eye! 

Interested to learn more about our programs or our current or past students? Call us now at 848-299-5900 or submit your form below.  Thank you, Dr Malvika,  for taking time to talk to us!  

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