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The Immediate Need for Microservices

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Jul 18, 2018 10:57:30 AM

In last week’s blog, we talked about the need for securing your career for yourself and your family. We’ve discussed in the past the benefits of enrolling in a certificate program and why you should consider alternatives to traditional universities. The central theme is always about pursuing education that is affordable and will prepare you for a long career, and most importantly, for the jobs on the future. Today, we are talking about Microservices, a specialized set of skills that is already in high demand and seeking qualified job candidates to start ASAP.

Many companies in the IT space have begun the lengthy process of switching their architecture from monolithic to microservices. The main reason for the transition from monolithic to microservices is that now organizations can now offer services to their end users at a much faster pace as well as being more agile in their functioning. The microservices architecture also offers greater degree of usability of the individual components and thus addresses the biggest challenge that organizations used to face in transitioning to newer systems, the high cost of legacy systems. This aides in enhancing the capability of what is known as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). A prime example of this type of in-depth change would be e-commerce application. Imagine Amazon establishing individual shopping channels for the different items that they sell. With Monolithic, they have to plan from the beginning what they are selling and how it will be sold. With micro-services they can just replicate a shopping channel and customize it according to individual needs.

A recent study indicated that 79% of those surveyed reported there organizations are using microservices to re-architect existing and legacy applications. A similar study showed 87% of survey participants stated they are using multiple technologies for microservices. This transformation, for many, will be conducted in a phased manner and will take between 3-5 years to complete. During this time, their will be a high demand for people to oversee and execute migration and maintenance projects. This will also create a need for workers skilled in java microservices, making that skillset even more valuable then it already is.

Clearly, the need for this knowledge is in high demand. However, what are the logical next career steps for someone interested in becoming certified in Microservices. First, as we have mentioned in past blogs, look for a school offering an employee backed program. Schools like Sollers offer employee backed programs and therefore their students are more likely to be offered an interview and position upon successful completion of the course. Second, the course you choose should have a robust curriculum designed to educate you on the skills that matter. This includes, but is not limited too, Spring suite products, patterns, and industry best practices. It’s also important to complete a Capstone project, that will help you implement the skills you learn in a real life use case.

Now that we have determined that this is a worthwhile investment, and how to know where to invest your money, we need to identify what roles will be open to you and is the salary enough to support yourself and family. A Microservices certificate opens you up to positions such as Java Developer, Lead Java Developer, and Application Architect. Application Architects typically make an average salary of $117,000 and System Architects start at $93,000 and can top out as high as $162,000. The data clearly shows this field is a viable career option and will ensure the financial stability that you desire.

You must be ready to become and stay skilled in the areas, platforms, and tools that will be in high demand. Microservices is a knowledge set that is being sought after throughout the industry, and will be for the foreseeable future. It is a set of skills that will make you highly employable and earn you a respectable wage. Above all else, it will prepare you to be ready to seek out, obtain, and keep, one of the many jobs of the future.

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