"Where do I go? What do I do now? Is my medical career over? Is this it? What am I going to do now?"

They Learned, they worked hard, they did their best and they applied! Now the result was out of their hands! The wait for the #matchday was going to decide their fate! If they will be getting to the next level of training or not, was a big question! The students and the parents, were stressed!

Now that the #MatchDay is done, and the once selected for the residency are on their way, some fellow students feel lost. Their envelop did not smile at them, and they had no alternate plan. "Where do I go? What do I do now? Is my medical career over? Is this it? What am I going to do now?" ...the question does not leave them alone. The grey area of their life seems to get darker...So what next?

To all the awesome #unmatched #MedStudents, who are committed to the field of life science and medicine, we are here to help! There is a career, where you can contribute to the field of medicine and help save life's. This is a very important field of work and will be a great use of your talent and your knowledge. You can play an instrumental role in making sure the right drugs are in the right place, in the right form and the right way! Remember the 5 R's you learned in medical school? Now is the time to be a  Drug Safety Officer!

What are the job and career prospects for a Pharmacovigilance/ Drug Safety officer?
As the biotech and pharmaceutical industries generate more novel drugs with large market sizes, an increasing number of expertly trained professionals are required to monitor drugs and report and report adverse activities to meet compliance and regulatory guidelines. Looking forward, Global Pharmacovigilance Market is expected to reach USD 5.51 billion by 2020 and the sizable demand for trained pharmacovigilance professionals is here to stay.

Professionals trained in Drug Safety have lucrative career options in Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology Companies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs)/ Consulting organizations such as Accenture, Cognizant, etc. and Regulatory Authorities such as DCG(I), FDA & CDSCO.

How can an individual train for a career in Pharmacovigilance/ Drug Safety?
Enrolling in an accredited  Training Courses can be a great investment if an individual with appropriate educational background is looking for career advancement in the field.

To Enroll in a quick 12 Week Certification Course  and Drug safety, Please Click Here. Sollers, an aggregated Institute in NJ provides 12 week Certification course online and in Campus. The starting average salary of a Pharmacovigilance office is 80K/ yr. With about 5-7 yrs, this can reach up to average of 130K/ Year.

Sky is the limit! Great talent like you should not feel low! We are here to help.

Click here or call us at 848 299-5900today! Our next class starts on 04/06/2016. Enroll Now! We are just a call away! And yes, we are not expensive! Call and be surprised! We look forward to your call and a happy you!