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5 Reasons Why A Certificate Program Should Be Your Next Career Move

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Jun 15, 2018 12:18:27 PM

In 2018, there are a multitude of options for anyone looking to further their education or expand on their skillset. Going back to school, while admirable, can be overwhelming due to the growing number of online institutions and continuing education options. Whether it be pursuing your masters, MBA, or a certificate program, your next educational move can have lasting effects on your career. Here are 5 reasons why that next move should be towards a certificate program:

#1 Jobs of the Future

Technology is changing the game across all industries. Continuing daily advances and breakthroughs in data collection, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more are forcing employers to rethink current job descriptions and future positions. Now, more than ever, an employee must take it upon themselves to ensure they are keeping up with their industry’s advances. Certificate programs offer an opportunity to hone in on specific skills, platforms, and or tools. The key is to select the school that focuses on preparing you for these types of jobs.

#2 Short Solution, Lasting Results

The typical college graduate has already spent at least 16 years in school by the time they land their first full-time position. The idea of going back to school for another two years is less than ideal for someone already working 40+ hours a week. Add on personal goals of starting a family or buying a house, and the idea of further one’s education can seem, at best overwhelming, and at worst, impossible. Certificate programs range from one-to-five months and can usually be done online, at the convenience of the student. If you can tough it out for a few months, you will gain valuable skills to add to your resume which in turn will lead to future career and salary advancement.

#3 Shows Your Dedication

Continuing your education shows dedication to yourself and your career. By pursuing another degree or certification, you are committing to making yourself into a better employee. Future employers will see this valuable trait in you while scanning your resume and reading about your certification. A certification on your resume allows the hiring manager to learn what type of employee you will be and will give you a clear advantage over other candidates.

#4 Financially Friendly

In addition to years of schooling, most typical graduates are overwhelmed by a significant amount of student loan debt. The idea of adding more debt to that massive monthly payment is enough for any former student to shudder at the idea of going back into the classroom. However, certificate programs are usually reasonably priced and often times can be put on a credit card. Furthermore, most employers offer tuition reimbursement that will reimburse you part or all of the program cost. Students can also look into Income Sharing Agreements, which require no money upfront and are gaining popularity on the national stage.

#5 Your Future Is In Your Hands

The only person in your life that is going to look out for you above all else, is you. No one can force you to take responsibility of your career and secure your future. You owe it yourself and your family to secure best type of future possible. Certificate programs allow you to continue learning and increase your chances of steady, profitable employment. The best investment you can make is in you!


We live in a world where we cannot afford to stop learning. We must wake up everyday with our eyes wide open, being aware of the future may hold for our career. It is your choice to stay ahead of the curve. If you get left behind, you will only have yourself to blame. Certificate programs, like the ones offered here at Sollers College, are designed to prepare you for the jobs of the future in order to prepare you for a long and prosperous career.

About Sollers

Established in 2007, Sollers is an institution of higher education, specializing in the Life Sciences and Decision Sciences & Analytics. We provide students with the essential knowledge and applied skills they require to meet the demands of the growing healthcare and technology fields.

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