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Securing your Career in the IT Industry

Posted by Kyle Grappone on Jul 16, 2018 9:30:51 AM

Decades ago, once you began working for a company: you often stayed for the duration of your career. You would get promoted, maybe move into different departments, but you always knew you had a job and subsequently, a career. Employees had reason to be loyal to a company because they knew that company was going to be loyal to them.

However, times have changed. The economy fluctuates, demand changes, and companies often let go of employees regardless of seniority. Furthermore, the rapid advancement of technology has made once valuable skill sets virtually obsolete after only a few years. These factors have focused employees to begin looking out for themselves. People must now put together a game plan that ensures the financial safety of themselves and their family. It is imperative that they not only continue to upskill themselves, but do so in a thriving industry.

According to Modis, the Information Technology industry is expected to see 12.4% growth in the next 6 years. This is almost double the growth that other industries will experience. Furthermore, the IT field is slated to add over 488,000 jobs by 2024. Those are the types of numbers that begin to solidify IT as a reasonable choice for one’s next career move.

Entering a growing industry is only half the battle. As mentioned before: changing technology has made skill-sets obsolete at a rapid rate. The programs of today are being replaced with newer, cheaper, and more dynamic platforms; and if you do not have the skills for them, you may be out of a job. This dire situation has made continuing your education imperative. However, with thousands of institutions to choose from, and a record number of students attending online courses, it can be difficult to choose the best one of your situation.

The key is, to first understand your situation. If you are a seasoned college graduate, already working, possibly supporting a family, then your time is limited. You need to seek out an education that is condensed, and will focus on teaching you only the specific skills employers are looking for. As we’ve spoken about before on this blog: certificate programs are an ideal vehicle to increase your skills set and further your industry knowledge. They are short term programs, designed to teach you the skills that employers are looking for in candidates.

The second key point, is to select an institution that works directly with employers. Some colleges develop partnerships with industry leading companies whose sole purpose is to benefit the students. The goal of these types of partnerships is two fold. First, the company, at times, will provide input when developing the curriculum, ensuring the student is learning only relatable, useable skills. Second, the company is often ready to interview and hire qualified program graduates. Sollers College, a leader in these types of partnerships, has found great success for themselves and their students.

If you feel that your skillset may be outdated or that your career prospects are not as strong as they need to be, you owe it to yourself to explore your options. Information Technology is continuing to grow, and schools like Sollers are designed to give you the tools needed to grow with it.

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Established in 2007, Sollers is an institution of higher education, specializing in the Life Sciences and Decision Sciences & Analytics. We provide students with the essential knowledge and applied skills they require to meet the demands of the growing healthcare, government, financial services and technology fields.

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